screaming speeches into microscopic taperecorders (drewmg) wrote in gameoftheyear,
screaming speeches into microscopic taperecorders

Regular Updates

Starting in September, I'll be acting as a regular contributor to the The Goozex Report, a blog which is unaffiliated with Goozex, but acts to promote the site and write about video games.

I'll still be posting some stuff here, namely the Recapping Zelda series, which I am indeed still working on (Ocarina of Time is a really long game), and anything that could be interpreted as "flame bait".

Anything else that I write for TGR I will link from this blog so that you can easily find it.

Types of content that I'll be writing include:

Reviews of games that I've been playing recently (such as EA Sports Active)
Rundowns of classic games that are available for dirt cheap on Goozex
Occasional top 5 lists
Retrospectives of my favorite games (such as Ico)
Fresh look at established franchises that I've never played.

Hope you'll tune in!
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